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We All Need a Little CEU In Our Lives.

Renewing your nursing license? If you aren’t in school right now then you’re gonna need CEU hours to renew your license properly. Not to mention that continuing education is paramount to being a good nurse!

I thought I’d help everyone out a little and hook you up with some links to CEU’s, I’m hunting for all the free ones (although there are some really good paid ones out there too!).

  1. Nursing CE by ATI: This one has regularly changing free CEU’s on interesting topics and also a large selection of interesting paid ones.
  2. Intiva health: sign in and create a free account, then you can pick from categories including free CEU’s.
  3. this one has tons of good ones including COVID UPDATES!
  4. Incredible Health: This one was a little bit annoying to sign up for but in the end they have a ton of free choices, an ap, and you can take these CEU’s on the ap on any device. I’m looking forward to giving it a try!
  5. Medscape: tons of free CEU’s, also this site has a CE tracker to keep a running list of how many hours you have. SCORE!
  6. American Heart Association BLS course: if you need to recert your BLS, ACLS, PALS etc the online portion gives you 1.75 contact hours. After you’ve completed the online course you can submit for the certificate of CEU.
  7. NASN (National Association of School Nurses):[]=686 tons of free learning courses and webinars that offer free CEU’s if you are a member of NASN already. If you’re not a member I highly recommend it for many reasons including the FREE CEU’s! I just signed up for 8 CEU courses on here, most are 1.0 contact hours but they add up over 2 years!
  8. ENA (Emergency Nurses Association): These ones are free if you are a member but pretty cheap if you aren’t a member – $9.95 for non members is pretty good. They offer 1.06 contact hours. Act fast if you’re into emergency medicine because these do expire – there are always new ones uploading though.
  9. Nemours “Pediatric University”: all free for everyone. Nemours is one of the premier pediatric hospitals in the United States. These appear to all be around 0.75 contact hours.

I will try to update this list as I find some more good ones but in the meantime, please check out this CEU tracking tool on Teachers Pay Teachers:

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Published by Emme Mauer M.Ed., BSN, RN, CSN

Mom to two preemies, anxiety sufferer, postpartum depression survivor, and school nurse extraordinaire.

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