Sensory Glitter Jars

A while back someone had mentioned in a Facebook post about a student playing with her “glitter bottle” in her health room and it got me thinking about how much I love glitter, and what a cool idea it would be to get/make my own glitter bottles. What is a “glitter bottle” or a “sensoryContinue reading “Sensory Glitter Jars”

School Nursing: Education and Career Opportunities

School Nurse At a Glance What you’ll do: Promote the physical well-being of students so they can succeed academically. School nurses conduct student assessments; administer first-aid, medication, and treatments; and educate students about their health. Where you’ll work: K-12 public, private, vocational, and alternative schools; health departments, military bases, and community, state, and federal organizations Degree you’llContinue reading “School Nursing: Education and Career Opportunities”

Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease: Information for School Nurses

Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease or CMT is a progressive neurological disorder causes damage to nerves connecting the brain and spinal cord. Fast facts: CMT is both an inherited genetic disorder that can run in families and also a spontaneously occurring condition. Approximately 3 million or more people across the world suffer from CMT. There are approximately 100Continue reading “Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease: Information for School Nurses”

Tales of School Nursing

Do you have a funny story to tell about being a school nurse? What are some of your best/funniest complaints that you’ve heard as a school nurse? I would like to include your stories in a piece about the fun of being a school nurse. Obviously no identifying details or names should be included toContinue reading “Tales of School Nursing”

School Nurse Hacks

Hey school nurses, after a Facebook post about giving sugar to relieve (non urgent) allergic reactions, I want to write a post discussing unconventional tips and tricks that people have used that you wouldn’t think of or that others don’t readily know. Do you know a magical cure for lice that we don’t know aboutContinue reading “School Nurse Hacks”

Welcome to The Tooth Fairy Club!

What a fun age: you go to first grade, start learning big things, get real homework, and teeth are falling out all over the place! As we all know, losing baby teeth is a normal part of life. Some kids look forward to it and others are afraid. Here are some tips and tricks forContinue reading “Welcome to The Tooth Fairy Club!”

And We’re back…

Just over 365 days ago, we got the word that school would be closing for two weeks in order to mitigate this “Coronavirus” thing that was happening. I was so sick that week but we didn’t have any cases in this side of the country so at the time I didn’t think anything of it.Continue reading “And We’re back…”

Your Kid Has an Allergy: What the School Nurse Needs You to Know.

Your child has an allergy to something and you have to send them off to school. That can be scary for many parents but we’ve got your back here at school! Here is some information your school nurse wants you to know about having allergies at school. What is an anaphylactic allergy or anaphylaxis? AnaphylaxisContinue reading “Your Kid Has an Allergy: What the School Nurse Needs You to Know.”

Periods: What the School Nurse Needs You Need to Know.

It’s happening. It’s about that time that your young lady has been waiting for. She got her period. It is a new phase of life for her full of questions, emotions, hormones, and anxiety. What does the school nurse want you to know so we can all help her live her best life at school?Continue reading “Periods: What the School Nurse Needs You Need to Know.”

The School Nurse: More Than Bandaids and Ice packs

“Oh, you’re a school nurse? So what do you even DO? Like just give bandaids and stuff?” I hear this all the time. The other big one right now is “Oh, you’re a school nurse? Must be sooo nice to be able to just sit at home and not work during a pandemic!” I couldContinue reading “The School Nurse: More Than Bandaids and Ice packs”

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