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Headaches: another enigma, maybe second to tummyaches. What causes them, and how do we manage them at school? Headaches are literally a pain in your head or face. More specifically, a headache is an activation of nociceptors (a sensory receptor for painful stimuli) in and around the layers of tissue of the brain. These nociceptorsContinue reading “Headaches”

Customer Service as a School Nurse

A school nurse recently posed a question asking how she can learn to better communicate with parents and staff in a school setting and the conversation of “customer service as a nurse” came up. Communicating with parents, students, and coworkers is a huge part of being a school nurse, and even as a nurse orContinue reading “Customer Service as a School Nurse”

What is Commotio Cordis and Why Should a School Nurse Be Worried?

I’m sure everyone has heard of the devastating event with Damar Hamlin at the Buffalo Bills vs Bengals game last night. Damar took what appeared to be a not super hard shoulder to the chest during a play as probably happens a million times during a million football games but this time one was wayContinue reading “What is Commotio Cordis and Why Should a School Nurse Be Worried?”

Tummyaches: When should I be concerned?

Tummyaches. Maybe one of our most common complaints and one of our biggest enigmas. Is every kid with a tummyache or an episode of throwing up sick? Short answer: no. Long answer: it depends on a lot of factors. Let’s discuss. Stomachaches can come from a number of issues (this is not an exhaustive list):Continue reading “Tummyaches: When should I be concerned?”

All About Pinkeye

Pinkeye: how do we know when we need to react to real pinkeye and when we can leave it alone because it isn’t actually pinkeye? What even is “pinkeye”? Warning: there is a gross picture of an eye coming up for the ommetaphobics out there. To start, “pinkeye” is a blanket term used to describeContinue reading “All About Pinkeye”

An Open Letter to the Powers That Be… Send Help!

School nurses are facing burnout like never before. In the aftermath of the Covid pandemic where healthcare workers went from mildly respected to “heroes” and now villains enforcing the rules, the school nurses have been overwhelmed and beaten down with heaps of expectations and very little help.  In addition to our regular jobs of managingContinue reading “An Open Letter to the Powers That Be… Send Help!”

When Should You Send a Student Home?

A question I’ve seen asked by a few CSN’s recently is “How do I know when a student should be sent home versus sent back to class?” Is there a specific formula to make that decision? The short answer is no. Every situation is individual and every kid has different needs so what might sendContinue reading “When Should You Send a Student Home?”