And We’re back…

Just over 365 days ago, we got the word that school would be closing for two weeks in order to mitigate this “Coronavirus” thing that was happening. I was so sick that week but we didn’t have any cases in this side of the country so at the time I didn’t think anything of it.Continue reading “And We’re back…”

The School Nurse: More Than Bandaids and Ice packs

“Oh, you’re a school nurse? So what do you even DO? Like just give bandaids and stuff?” I hear this all the time. The other big one right now is “Oh, you’re a school nurse? Must be sooo nice to be able to just sit at home and not work during a pandemic!” I couldContinue reading “The School Nurse: More Than Bandaids and Ice packs”

I want to Share Your Voice!

Your Favorite School Nurse would like to hear from all of you to see how things are going and hear some input about your experiences so far with this weird school year. Click the link to the survey and fill out the “interview” for me so I can learn about your experiences and share yourContinue reading “I want to Share Your Voice!”

We All Need a Little CEU In Our Lives.

Renewing your nursing license? If you aren’t in school right now then you’re gonna need CEU hours to renew your license properly. Not to mention that continuing education is paramount to being a good nurse! I thought I’d help everyone out a little and hook you up with some links to CEU’s, I’m hunting forContinue reading “We All Need a Little CEU In Our Lives.”

Your Favorite School Nurse Has Been Swamped!

Has anyone else been just swamped with work since school started? I totally have been. I’m all virtual right now and working from home which poses quite a few problems as far as trying to organize and get work done while there are children and pets running around! Navigating all the Google Classrooms, ClassDojos, StudentContinue reading “Your Favorite School Nurse Has Been Swamped!”

Do You Need to Make an Individualized Healthcare Plan or an Action Plan?

One of the many jobs we have to complete as a school nurse is to make Individualized Healthcare Plans (IHP) for students. Remember nursing school when you had to make care plans for your patients and thought you’d never have to do those again once you graduated? You were wrong! The IHP is essentially aContinue reading “Do You Need to Make an Individualized Healthcare Plan or an Action Plan?”

Is It an Emergency: Covid -19 Edition.

Calling all the stressed out school nurses trying to navigate through the real emergencies, paperwork, screenings 504’s and IEP’s and minor injuries/illnesses! Are you inundated with kids who sneezed once or bumped themselves on a desk or door? Kids with loose teeth or dirty clothes? Now with the fabulous addition of Covid-19 to our workloadContinue reading “Is It an Emergency: Covid -19 Edition.”

What Are You Doing as a Virtual School Nurse?

Is your district going all virtual for the start of the school year? Hybrid? Either way, we as school nurses have to make ourselves useful and indispensable during this unprecedented time. I’ve seen a ton of nurses ask the question “What are we supposed to do from home??” so I figured I would give aContinue reading “What Are You Doing as a Virtual School Nurse?”

I am a School Nurse and I am afraid.

I am a school nurse and I am afraid. I am afraid of returning to my school after being closed for almost half of the school year and navigating a completely new way of doing my job. It’s like starting a new job all over again with no training. I am afraid of returning toContinue reading “I am a School Nurse and I am afraid.”

A School Nurse’s Thoughts on Masks at School and Bullying

Recently I’ve started to learn how to sew with a sewing machine and am practicing making my own masks (I’ll leave a link at the bottom with the sites that I’ve used to learn). So far I’ve made a few different kinds and honestly, they look awful but they are functional 🤷🏼‍♀️. They probably don’tContinue reading “A School Nurse’s Thoughts on Masks at School and Bullying”

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