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Assessment Basics for the School Nurse: Sore Throats

Sore throats: everyone seems to have them at the same time. What’s causing them, what are we looking for and what can we do about it? Sore throats can be benign much of the time – from post nasal drip, too much talking, allergies, environmental irritation, or random unnamed viruses. But at times they canContinue reading “Assessment Basics for the School Nurse: Sore Throats”

Assessment Basics for the School Nurse: Ears

Something I think many school nurses struggle with – myself included – is looking in ears. What are we looking at in there and why does it matter when RNs can’t diagnose or prescribe anyway? Well we can certainly look and assess and determine if the student needs to have further evaluation at the doctorContinue reading “Assessment Basics for the School Nurse: Ears”

Assessment Basics for School Nurses: Orthopedic Injury

This post contains affiliate links which means we earn a small commission if you purchase through these links. Something I think many school nurses might struggle with is orthopedic assessment. Someone comes in crying with an injury but how do we know what we might be working with and what we should do about it?Continue reading “Assessment Basics for School Nurses: Orthopedic Injury”

Can We Change This Narrative That Teachers Can’t Be Our Allies?

I’ve been watching a lot of posts on social media about school nurses being annoyed when the teachers suggest things that may be wrong with a student or suggest what they think the student needs. The complaints of teachers feeling foreheads and sending a student to have their temperature checked, teachers noting that a studentContinue reading “Can We Change This Narrative That Teachers Can’t Be Our Allies?”


Headaches: another enigma, maybe second to tummyaches. What causes them, and how do we manage them at school? Headaches are literally a pain in your head or face. More specifically, a headache is an activation of nociceptors (a sensory receptor for painful stimuli) in and around the layers of tissue of the brain. These nociceptorsContinue reading “Headaches”

Customer Service as a School Nurse

A school nurse recently posed a question asking how she can learn to better communicate with parents and staff in a school setting and the conversation of “customer service as a nurse” came up. Communicating with parents, students, and coworkers is a huge part of being a school nurse, and even as a nurse orContinue reading “Customer Service as a School Nurse”

What is Commotio Cordis and Why Should a School Nurse Be Worried?

I’m sure everyone has heard of the devastating event with Damar Hamlin at the Buffalo Bills vs Bengals game last night. Damar took what appeared to be a not super hard shoulder to the chest during a play as probably happens a million times during a million football games but this time one was wayContinue reading “What is Commotio Cordis and Why Should a School Nurse Be Worried?”