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Don’t Insult The Nurse!

Does anyone else remember that time that the ladies on “The View” mocked the nurse turned pageant contestant for wearing a “nurse’s costume” with a “doctor’s stethoscope”? I was kind of mad. Here’s what I messaged them 5 years ago: Dear Ladies of The View: I’m sure by now you’ve see the error of yourContinue reading “Don’t Insult The Nurse!”

I am a School Nurse and I am afraid.

I am a school nurse and I am afraid. I am afraid of returning to my school after being closed for almost half of the school year and navigating a completely new way of doing my job. It’s like starting a new job all over again with no training. I am afraid of returning toContinue reading “I am a School Nurse and I am afraid.”

Managing Colds and Viruses

*Sniff sniff…cough cough….* Get the tissues and the Vitamin C because it’s cold and flu season. It seems like it never ends with these kids – the snots and the coughing and the moaning. So what can we do about it? Should we send them to school? Should we send them to the school nurse?Continue reading “Managing Colds and Viruses”