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Don’t Insult The Nurse!

Does anyone else remember that time that the ladies on “The View” mocked the nurse turned pageant contestant for wearing a “nurse’s costume” with a “doctor’s stethoscope”? I was kind of mad. Here’s what I messaged them 5 years ago: Dear Ladies of The View: I’m sure by now you’ve see the error of yourContinue reading “Don’t Insult The Nurse!”

Why Is It So Hard To Be A New Nurse Among Experienced Nurses?

We’ve all heard that little expression “nurses eat their young” and give a little giggle because #newnurses, right? They are often young, inexperienced in nursing, inexperienced in life and in need of guidance by more experienced folks like ourselves. I’ve seen and experienced this type of bullying among nurses throughout my career in healthcare andContinue reading “Why Is It So Hard To Be A New Nurse Among Experienced Nurses?”