I want to Share Your Voice!

Your Favorite School Nurse would like to hear from all of you to see how things are going and hear some input about your experiences so far with this weird school year. Click the link to the survey and fill out the “interview” for me so I can learn about your experiences and share yourContinue reading “I want to Share Your Voice!”

Don’t Insult The Nurse!

Does anyone else remember that time that the ladies on “The View” mocked the nurse turned pageant contestant for wearing a “nurse’s costume” with a “doctor’s stethoscope”? I was kind of mad. Here’s what I messaged them 5 years ago: Dear Ladies of The View: I’m sure by now you’ve see the error of yourContinue reading “Don’t Insult The Nurse!”

A School Nurse’s Thoughts on Masks at School and Bullying

Recently I’ve started to learn how to sew with a sewing machine and am practicing making my own masks (I’ll leave a link at the bottom with the sites that I’ve used to learn). So far I’ve made a few different kinds and honestly, they look awful but they are functional 🤷🏼‍♀️. They probably don’tContinue reading “A School Nurse’s Thoughts on Masks at School and Bullying”

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