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Don’t Insult The Nurse!

Does anyone else remember that time that the ladies on “The View” mocked the nurse turned pageant contestant for wearing a “nurse’s costume” with a “doctor’s stethoscope”? I was kind of mad. Here’s what I messaged them 5 years ago:

Dear Ladies of The View:

I’m sure by now you’ve see the error of your nasty, mocking comments regarding Miss Colorado, Kelly Johnson “just a nurse with a doctor’s stethoscope”.

I, among others would like to point out a few things to you. I am a Registered Nurse in an Emergency Trauma Center. When your father comes in having a heart attack it is the NURSES who get life saving IV lines, give life saving medications and RUN to the cardiac catheterization lab to give him the best outcome. When your son crashes his motorcycle it is the NURSES in the trauma room who perform life saving procedures, assessments, blood transfusions, etc. When you had a little too much to drink and fell down the stairs and broke your ankle and are in blinding pain, I’m the one there to care for you.

I work weekends, overnights, holidays, and extra shifts. While you are home Christmas morning with your children opening presents, having Thanksgiving dinner, going to soccer games, having Easter dinner, or simply seeing your children and families I am at the hospital caring for your grandma’s stroke, your daughter’s broken arm, your brother’s mental breakdown, your neighbor’s Heroin overdose, and your mother’s cardiac arrest.

While you are sitting around your table chit chatting about the latest fad diet, ombre hair color, or celebrity divorce I am at the hospital doing my job where I am vomited on, spit on, defecated on, urinated on, screamed at, punched, bitten, berated, and disrespected. I do not get bathroom breaks whenever I have to go, sometimes I have to hold it for hours. I rarely get a break to eat, sometimes a 12 or 14 hour shift with no break. After that, I have to rush home, get the children to school, grab a few hours of sleep and get up to do it all over again.

Do any of you know someone with Alzheimer’s? Do you know how difficult that can be for the patient, the family, and the NURSES who spend day in and day out caring for these people? To mock a nurse who works in an Alzheimer’s unit for doing a job that is so difficult and important is absolutely reprehensible. You should be ashamed.

I implore you all to spend just one day in scrubs in a memory care unit, or a busy emergency room, a hospice care center, or riding with an ambulance, and see just how “dumb” our job is. After that you need to have Miss Kelly Johnson on your show to publicly apologize to her for your disgusting behavior. After you’ve apologized your show deserves to be removed from the air.

I would hate to see how you would react if another contestant was a military officer, or a police officer and described their experiences. Pretty dumb compared to your job I guess.

Published by Emme Mauer M.Ed., BSN, RN, CSN

Mom to two preemies, anxiety sufferer, postpartum depression survivor, and school nurse extraordinaire.

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